Mike Crain – Karatist Preacher

Mike Crain - Karatist Preacher

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  1. Juliette johnson says:

    Awh! So weird. I have a poster of Mike Crain and his gosple singing wife, Naomi. Reads Judo and Karate for Christ @ The Villa Baptist Church in Indianapolis. It was dated May 13th and 14th but I don’t know what year. Its so funny. My dad had it hung for yrs, now I have it.

  2. mike says:

    Dear Mike,
    It was 1976 when I last saw you in Phoenix, Arizona. You and I did an exibition whereby you did your bed of nails, cut the watermellon, the power of the one inch punch demonstartion. I particuarily remember the exibition we did in Zuni, New Mexico whereby we had agreed that you would make contact with my solar plexis area on the count of three. You somehow forgot how to count and hit me on two. Not being ready and caught completely off guard, I sailed over the chair with no air left in my lungs. Not to show injury to the applauding crowd, I managed to get to my feet and appear that nothing was wrong. I did however, provide you with a verbal reprimand in the locker room about forgetting how to count and something to the effect that maybe you had broken to much concete with your head. You and I and Larry Little then went to Gallup to spend the night and go hunting the next day, whereby you got lost and were eventualy picked up walking along the interstate with your gun that leads from Albequrque to Gallup the next day. We all went back to Phoenix and you preached in the late Rev. Littles church at which time you managed to get Mike Reed to bow his head in the sinners prayer.
    I hope all is well with you and your family. I am curious as to how your brother is doing these days as well as when you may be coming to Phoenix sometime. Certainly, you are always welcome in my home.
    I also noticed that you are not using your previous title of Karate and Kung Fu for CHrist. And there is no mention of your wide world of sports event of the ice breaking record.
    Mike Tompkins

  3. JEFFREY COMBS says:

    I remember him in the early 1970’s (around 72 or 73) His camper was parked behind the church for a week cause there was a revival that week featuring him. Oh VILLA BAPTIST in Indy, I went to Baptist Academy and also I gave my time to help the janitor keep the church clean. I spent alot of time with Mike that week and I remember that to this day. I was 11 or 12 then and i’m 47 now, ONE OF MY BEST MEMORIES OF VILLA, THAT GREAT WEEK THAT I SPENT WITH MIKE CRAIN PS. HE PUT HIS HAND THROUGH 300 POUNDS OF ICE, CONCRETE BLOCKS and PAUL CROTHERS CHEST HA HA MAY GOD BLESS YOU MIKE I DO REMEMBER YOU AND I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! THIS TIME WITH MY KIDS!36 plus YEARS LATER WOW! THAT WOULD BE COOL Jeffrey Combs Oh I Remember taking home half of a watermelon that he cut with that Sword of his Wow!

  4. J. Salmon says:

    Mike Crain is a child molester. He just turned himself in to the Rhea County Sheriff’s dept. He molested girls as young as 7 years old. This “karate for Christ” preacher is nothing more than a snake oil salesman pedophile. Blaming his actions on his dementia is just a sorry excuse for a sorry man.

  5. leland jacobson says:

    If anyone knows how I can get in touch with mike please reply to me at camaro76guy@live.com
    my name is leland jacobson he is an old freind from childhood

  6. leland jacobson says:

    I belive thats a guy named willie crain not mike who is the child molester..

  7. daytonian says:

    No, leland, it IS Mike Crain (a/k/a Fort Bluff Camp, NACA, blah blah blah). He claims dementia, but he’s been trying to get away with stuff for years before he had his stroke. His wife isn’t the suffering wall flower she makes herself out to be either.

  8. Clarence Duffey says:

    I think you are full of crap and are on a money hunt. I have known Mike since high school and he would never do what you have said. He has devoted his life to Christ and helping others. You now have a slim chance of a moment of fame but God knows who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. That dog won’t hunt !!!

  9. Bud & Norma Duffey says:

    Please take my comments to you in Christian love. Your name says a lot for you. Your name means that you or someone you know worked for Bro. Mike. This seems to be the same scenerio as Christ and Satan. Christ is the everlasting God that made everything and Satan was jealous and wanted to be above Christ. Bro. Mike and Namoi worked hard building a wonderful camp for kids and has led thousands to the saving grace of the Lord. Satan is using you and others to destroy God’s work. I have seen other men who have been faulsly accused of what you and others are saying of Bro. Mike and Naomi.(It’s time for women to understand what the difference is between sexual approaches and just a friendly greeting and teach their children the same.) Bro. Mike is a true Christian man who loves his Lord and Saviour. If your a born again Christian, you would be praying and encouraging him, not destroying him. You need to be careful of spreading evil rumors because God will certainly take care of you.

  10. Steve says:

    Mike? He IS a child molester. He was just sentences to a jail term by Judge Thomas “Rusty” Graham. I would bet that 90% of televangelists are pedophiles! Hope they give him the “back door” treatment in jail.

  11. asif arif says:

    he who ‘giveth’ is now in jail and may have to ‘receiveth’ instead.

  12. Dale says:

    I remember a Mike Crain who ran a Christian football (flag) and cheerleading camp (not sure if camp is the right word), located near Chattanooga, I think. From 10th grade to my senior year, my Christian school football team went every year for the National playoffs. We came in 2nd place each year, but I loved going up there each year. Mike Crain gave out awards at the end of the playoffs and I remember thinking, this is a man of God….I wonder if this is the same Mike Crain….

  13. Pdub says:

    I worked closely with the Crain family. If you knew him, you would be shocked that ANYTHING like this could happen. I have to say I believe his condition led to these actions. I am sorry to all involved, and I will pray for you all.

  14. Bokus Pocus says:

    This guy is a charlatan. I was asked by the younger brother of my ex wife to help this clown with a martial arts demo in Pinellas Park Florida back in the early 1990’s. He asked what martial art I did and when I told him, he interestingly enough said he had a black belt in that style too. No he didn’t, he was completely clueless about it. He then bragged about his matches with Russian kickboxing champs…yeah right, I doubt this clown could run around the block let alone step in the ring for rounds of full contact fighting. He then proceeded, unsuccessfully to try to knock me around the stage in total violation of an agreement he and I had that he would not be making contact with me (see any intelligent martial artist doesn’t just allow such nonsense with a person they’ve never trained with) and then proceeded to do parlor trick martial arts (cutting watermelons off of people, firing blow dart guns while blindfolded). The only thing that kept me from putting this guy down and out of his misery of being a complete BS artist was that there were 150 morons in a congregation hanging on every word he said like it was some revealed truth. This guy is a **** and the next time I run across him doing a demo, I am going to jack him up and show him for the fraud he is.

  15. bob says:

    mike was a great influence during my childhood as was dr. pai. they are both very moral people and i owe them alot.

  16. Daniel says:

    I knew Mike Crain. Regardless of former comments, he was an excellent Kung Fu martial artist. Yes he got carried in demonstrations, and yes this 3rd degree black belt has sparred full contact with him and lost. Did he do great good with the camp he founded? Yes. Did he do great harm by sexually assaulting women. Unfortunately, yes. He and his wife are no longer associated with Fort Bluff Camp, and regardless of cult claims, the camp does help youth by providing moral direction and an outlet through sports. I am not a Christian, but I can see the value of the camp he started. I do not condone the crimes he committed.
    Think before you post. Accusing a group of being close minded and a cult only displays your own closed mind. Acknowledging the good done but disagreeing with the method is more intelligent.
    Mike Crain you’ve done alot of good in your life, but the recent evil will haunt you the rest of your days. I hope you get the help you need.

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