3 drowned deer with antlers interlocked

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  1. Miss Spock says:

    I have noticed there seem to be a lot of deer posts lately…

  2. Paul Wilson says:

    Well, there was another example, this one involving a rut-mad stag and a statue of a stag ! They go by sight, not by scent, which explains a stag trying to copulate with a lawn statue of a doe !

    This stag attacked and SMASHED a statue of a stag ! It was broken off its pedestal and the antlers bashed off ! Then the stag fell down dead of a brain hemorrhage. The owner of the smashed statue said he’lll saw the antlers off the dead stag and put them on the statue once he’s repaired it.

    I have this in my animal mishaps pics. Bear electrocuted by biting a power cable, animal electrocuted on electric fences, mice killed by chewing on live wires, moose hit by train and tossed on top of a power pylon….

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