Meat baby

Meat baby

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  1. Shannon says:

    there’s my birth control for the month…

  2. Ally says:

    That’s awful

  3. sarah says:

    AHH!!! thats horrible!!!

  4. pami brown says:

    That makes me feel sick……seriously

  5. Renobatogi says:

    That just made me sick

  6. Julio says:

    Fat Bastards dinner.
    Get in my belly…

  7. sancho says:

    who likes medium rare?

  8. South Korea says:

    First of all, that’s pretty good anatomy. Secondly it’s just plain scrumdiddlyumptious.

  9. That photo is hilarious! What is wrong with you people? It’s the same meat you eat every day. If it were shaped like a calf or a lamb would you still be sickened?

  10. mark says:

    What are you all complaining about atleast they peeled the skin off first, less saturated fat that way!!!

  11. Malchik says:

    @ zucchini: no you moron, because animals aren’t as important as people

  12. Jim jones says:

    Bears can ride horses but meat can’t be shaped like a baby…

  13. appalled says:

    That is just sick.

  14. Aroused says:

    I am rock hard right now

  15. mister sick says:

    at malchik. that is racist actualy people should eat each other (overpopulation issues)

  16. femmefett says:

    It’s actually specie-istic. If you wouldn’t eat a human, you shouldn’t eat any animal. We are all animals. One is not more important than another. It just makes you feel better thinking the way you do.

  17. Joe says:

    Femm, you sound like every peta tard out there. Eating your own is cannibalism. Furthermore I’m pretty certain your own race can be more important to you than “other” animals. But hey, keep up the high and mighty…

  18. peopleforeatingtastyanimals says:

    Yes, humans are animals too, but animals eat other animals, and since us humans won the evolutionary race (we are on the internet for f’s sake) we have the right to eat any animal we want.

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