Predator pumpkin

Predator pumpkin

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  1. Who said that? says:

    Is that a real pumpkin??? Wow! Thats art work. Wonder how long it’d take to carved that alien face?

  2. KINGMARIO says:

    awesome. Thats really all there is 2 say

  3. Rooster Cogburn says:


  4. Deadpool says:

    I hope this is real because this just might be the coolest thing ever posted. Nice job admin! 😉

  5. call me stupid says:

    That’s actually kind of scary

  6. Jliza says:

    awesome!!!! The passion!

  7. heliumabuser says:

    The pumpkin carving kit I bought at Target didnt give instructions on how to carve that one….another $1.95 wasted!

  8. Secondson007 says:

    Not even the veggies are safe anymore…

  9. Julio says:

    The return of Meatballs, Predator version

  10. Elizabeth says:

    wow I don’t know of that is photo shopped or what- but if they seriously carved that then they should get paid

  11. taz says:

    now thats Halloween

  12. BOILERBEAST21 says:

    wow this is a first. No one has gone on and on about how it’s fake.
    Cool pic

  13. Wolverine says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is truely amazing great talent and great thought wish I was half as talented x

  14. Yada yada says:

    Omg it looks so fake I mean do they really make pumpkins that big? And how did they get the mouth right it fake!!!! Maybe no photoshoped but fake!!

  15. Yada yada says:

    omg u can even see how they just put somthing on top of a regular pumpkin!!!! The decoration is bigger than the pumpkin itself!!!!!! WTF!!!

  16. stove says:

    that’s shurely photoshopped…

  17. KINGMARIO says:

    @ yada yada
    It’s not really how big the pumpkin is, just how thick the oustide is. By the way what’s the right word for that. Is it flesh or skin or husk or what? Just wondering.

  18. Yada yada says:

    that. Is so not true!!!!

  19. Cham says:

    this actually is not fake. You should see this guys other pumpkins. He is very talented.

  20. Comatose kk says:

    this is real and really hard to do I have watched it be done before

  21. Ryan G says:

    Wow, how long did that take?

  22. Qikslvr says:

    actually one of the sites I frequent mentioned it was carved on a DIY CNC machine based on a gantry design, which would explain the detail.

  23. stove says:

    I still think doing that is a waste of time

  24. KellID says:

    Its not fake, it was carved by Ray Villafane, a sculptor for DC Comics. He’s a toy sculptor, so obviously he has skills. That pumpkin won for the food network’s pumpkin carving challenge…

  25. Woodstock says:

    how could you think that’s a waste of time- that’s well cool!!

  26. wes says:

    its not faek you trolls. I’ve made one just like it.and I admit this one was slightly better, I still have people come up to me every year at work and comment on how freakin awesome the predator-pumpkin was… anything you can scuplt in clay and latex can be scuplted into a pumpkin, only difference is there are no second chances, you mess up, you mess up.

    give it a try! use that pic as a guide, it is not fake.

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