Redneck grill

Redneck grill

16 Responses

  1. noobslayer says:

    LOL that thing is prety sweet … Not LOL no realy its awsome I bet that was ruined by teh fire

  2. Jliza says:

    Mmmmm smoked salmon!

  3. chopper56 says:

    do I hear banjos playing in the background? Nope …. Just another person whining because the don’t get it. LOL.

  4. mark says:

    Skid Row McGuiver. You should see the
    Pizza oven he made out of a Dumpster
    and a Crack Pipe

  5. qikslvr says:

    HEY!! who burned up my recliner?

  6. melinda says:

    LOL qikslvr. Although I don’t get it. Just kidding. I get it.

  7. The 1 says:

    wow wats up wit all da redneck crap lately….. its just hatein

  8. naes says:

    the 1 is just upset because he didnt think of it first LOL that crap reminds me of home

  9. F'nk says:

    this is impressively creative! Hey but u guys heard the news? Lately Most grocery stores reported about stolen carts crisis! New revolution!!!

  10. MikeW of VA says:

    I’d say the grill has the overtones of homelessness, not quite redneck-ish. Does look to be an excellent breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast, must mean a camping trip.

  11. meljean says:

    My Uncle David has one.

  12. sweet Tooth says:

    genious! Hey, gotta use anything u have to survive right??

  13. Rendia says:

    Hey! There’s good eatin’ on a cart!

  14. McLovin says:

    this is just a scene from “urban survivor”

  15. Terrie says:

    Hey! Doesn’t everyone have a grill like that? I know everyone in my trailer park does.

  16. yulyx says:

    diy grill kit selling at walmart get one!!!!!

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