Curtis Allgier, Utah’s Public Enemy #1

Curtis Allgier, Utah's Public Enemy #1

Curtis Allgier, formerly identified as Utah’s Public Enemy #1, as seen in a November, 2006 mug shot.

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  1. Baxter says:

    I wonder what prison guard wont he dead pool on him?

  2. Houder says:

    I’m still trying to figure out your sentence Bax….

  3. Amasea says:

    I think it’s “won the dead pool”, but I don’t know what that means, either.

  4. powder says:


  5. TOG says:

    I met that guy once.

    I woke up in a bathtub with my kindey removed.

  6. Robert says:

    he is a freak and needs to be celled in prison with a 300 pound black guy!

  7. elle clooney says:

    no need for the prison bitch remark..that is exactly why guys have to join gangs in prison—to protect their assess…I am sure he was not a aryan warrior before he went into prison…but when you go in there it is a different story…the guards and the prison administrators need to do more to protect its prisoners from rape, extortion and abuse while in prison..if they did that the gangs would have less chance of recruiting guys who just want to do their time without the hassle…no all convicts go in to become worse criminals…so are acutally remorseful and want to change

  8. hehe his chin says F.U.N on it

  9. Mike says:

    Those arn’t tatoo’s, the goober fell in an old box of rubber stamps…..

  10. Michelle says:

    absolutely! totally agree! But it will be difficult to get the guards to protect the inmates from rape, extortion, etc – when many times they are contributors – whether turning a blind eye, setting up fights (placing bets), bringing in drugs/cigs – etc to make huge profits. . . The entire system is broken and needs overhauling.

    As for this Allgier “dude” – there’s no excuse for what he did and he’ll pay for it, if not on this side of eternity most assuredly on the other side.

  11. eniale says:

    Curtis seemed like a nice quiet guy on “Lock Up” and under the tattoos, he’s a nice looking man. Oh well!

  12. jay says:

    what a P.O.S

  13. OriginalCin says:

    Looks like a 5-year-old got hold of a magic marker and had a creative attack.

    Aside from the half-assed artistic expression aspects…if one does not wish to become prison-bitch…one should avoid criminal activities that would put them in prison. It ain’t rocket science, folks.

  14. Bianca says:

    hed be totally HOT if he didnt have all those tats

  15. raab says:

    does it say hatebreed on his lip haha???

  16. monayyyy says:

    the Hitler Nazi signs make no sense here. The guy has blonde hair and blue eyes……… So pretty much if hitler saw him, he would be dead

  17. chillin8581 says:

    You retard!!! Thats what hitler wanted. Blonde hair and blue eyes is what he called the perfect race thats why he killed Jews. Monayyyy needs to read his 6 grade history book.

  18. Pacit says:

    This guy was shot to death after killing a prison guard about a year ago

  19. Admin says:

    @Pacit: No he wasn’t. He’s still alive.

    Do a Google image search and you can see pictures of him being led away immediately after the shooting, with the officer’s blood all over his shirt.

  20. Emily says:

    This guy was not shot to death. He did however kill a police officer in a fast food restaurant in Salt Lake City after escaping from a prison guard. He is now in prison.

  21. Dan a says:

    Emily you’re wrong, he killed an officer after getting an MRI done on his knee. He fled after that and went to his old place he lived, where he lived on parole. Changed any called his wife (trisha) from arby’s then turned himself over when the cops came.

  22. Lowell says:

    Actually he didn’t turn himself over when cops arrived at Arby’s. A 59 year old man took the gun away from him at Arbys and held him at gunpoint until police arrived at the Arbys on 1700 South and Redwood road in SLC. If you’re going to comment at least make sure you do your research…..check this out

  23. Jon Red says:

    Yes, it says “Hatebreed” across his lip. Yes, Hatebreed is a band. No, they are not racist in any way, shape, form or fashion. If he thought they were and that’s why he got the tattoo, well, then that just makes him even more of an idiot. Because Hatebreed is the opposite of racist.

  24. jerry fields says:

    @elleclooney he said in an interview for msnbc that he was brought up a skinhead so dont presume gangs start in prison! it all happens at home!

  25. Frank Lehman says:

    Why is it, that I feel pity for this man?
    Does anyone else feel the same as me?
    What would make a young man do what he did to himself?
    I wonder if he was a nice, young child while in elementary school.
    Somebody, somewhere must have loved him once.
    Does anyone think that Curtis Allgier feels remorse for what he did to that prison guard?
    Is it possible that there is some humanity under all that horror of his face?
    It seems to me that what he did to himself was just his own way of committing suicide.
    He actually thought that he could ‘disappear’ after his escape. He was going to be ‘gone’, or so he said.
    How unrealistic to think that he could simply blend in with the rest of the population.
    All his pals are tattooed much the same as he is- so there’s anonymity between them.Where do they go during the day? Why scare little children so that they probably have nightmares about his face? Did someone scare Curtis as a child?
    Does ANYONE feel just a little pity for this creature?
    His mother must have loved him once.

  26. meg says:

    To all u hatin ignorant *** people you don’t even know him! But he wants everyone to know something and there are his OWN words word for word.
    It is a common reality for weak, cowardly, small, inferior minds to attempt to condemn their intelligent, amazing, proud, powerful, superior counterparts! Being ever so genetically, intellectually, morally, mentally, physically and ethically above the world-it is all too very often my inferiors whom criticize my innate qualities out of very apparent conscious and subconscious feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, and extreme insecurity! The fact is obvious! My question is: What do they attempt to base their meaningless opinions and biased projections concerning my character and natural qualities or “lack of” on? Exactly, Nothing but ignorance! It is never appropriate to place judgements (or more like misjudgements), on individuals you have absolutely no real knowledge of! THE TRUTH is, my omnipotent fortitude, affinity, personage, impeccably, immaculate stature is so far above their comprehension , that their extremely pathetic understanding is completely exaltation- morally, intellectually, ethically, physically, mentally, as well as spiritually! How the **** can a retarded, domesticated house cat even try to critique the extreme wealth of attributes inherit in the Siberian tiger?! The attempt itself is laughingly ludicrous! For real, for real! The Aryan Ryders and worthy people who have the pleasure of knowing me know the TRUTH! That I am noble, kind, TRU, PURE, REAL, down, devoted, dedicated, determined, proud, dignified, fair-minded, just, loving, caring, altruistic, intelligent and genuine to say the least obviously I could go on and on! I was born exalted! I cannot and will not ever deviate from excellence- it is my nature!
    Frauds, jealous punks and ****s, envious dreamers, foolish speculative cretins, try to claim to have “knowledge” concerning the depth of my character, but the total misinformation, liable, slander, and defemation of my integrity is based on ignorance, sell out snitch *****es, liars, cowards, and overactive imaginations, as well as jealousy, envy, misery, insecurities, inferiority, and WAY TOO much time spent on superfluous wronging relating to non-realities concerning my character! Period! It’s totally unnecessary for me to sit here and refute what simply does not, has not, nor ever will exist in my natural make-up! My “hateful words” have been directed only at frauds and parasite, lame, wanna be punks and ****s misrepresenting Aryan supremacy, and white power/pride politics!
    My case has been, and still is being totally and completely misrepresented by the ignorantly pretentious deceptive sensationalism of a zog Zionist media machine that is one-sided in it’s presentation of information; ALL of the truth and facts are misconstrued, and intentionally twisted to fit their corrupt, malicious agenda! For ALL those who love and ryde for me, I love and ride equally, actually even more loyally with them!
    Everyone’s inborn securities should not affect their external judgements of others especially me! For real, for real.
    Im full of very obvious, and WELL KNOWN talents: my tattoo abilities literally bring me no less than $200 an hour out there, and I’ve never been employed for less than $25 an hour in the residential/commercial construction arena! I take VERY good care of my ever so perfect Aryan God body, and cultivate my intellect daily! My race, movement, cause, and victory is my life! I cherish our WHITE ARYAN children, and have strong desire to see our youth succeed, prosper, and all of our race to advance!
    Because of my wonderful and beautiful action of perfecting perfection with my Aryan body art, and placement of, punks try to criticize me! I represent me and my people in my own way, in every environment! I do it all the way, you can’t ever question-“where I stand”! I don’t criticize or give two flying ****s where others get ink, so NO ONE has any place to run their **** smokers about me or mine!
    If everyone placed even half as much effort on their own bodies, minds, education, themselves, their families, their employment, the way they raise their children, ect…, and tried to improve their extreme abundance of faults, weaknesses, ect…, instead of focusing on others- their lives, as well as our world would be A LOT better place!
    To all my aficionados, TRU COMRADES, RYDER’S, and WORTHY team-players Ich Liebe Dich! Victory or VAL HALLA, 1,5,23, style 4-life’s, SIEGHEIL!
    THE “rest”, not the BEST, need to re-focus their attention on the very real and serious problems plaguing our beautiful Aryan countries! Drug abuse amongst our people, destroying our youth, illegal’s and savages preying on our women and nations; the government welfare state salvaging degenerates, pay attention to t.v. designed for other races but the extreme hypocrisy involved when WHITE people try to establish unique traditions for WHITE people! Concern themselves with WHITE “hate crimes” (“so called”), but notice when minorities bully, belittle, beat, rape, jump and harm WHITE people and youth it’s accepted as “normal”! **** that!
    All must focus on improving our WHITE ARYAN heritage, culture, blood lines, improve our children’s educational standards! Teach our son’s and daughter’s to be strong, TRU, moral, ethical, dignified, and FULL of RACIAL PRIDE! We developed the world, let us work together toward furthering our racial superiority, and improving our world!
    IN THE MEAN TIME; “HATERS MAKE AND KEEP ME FAMOUS”!! For real for real! You ain’t got haters, then your not about ****! They can all suck it easy!

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