Eyelid tattoo

Eyelid tattoo

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  1. jacinto says:

    He’s watching when he’s sleeping, he’s watching when he’s awake!

  2. Deirdre says:

    ouch !!

    i know how sore it was gettin my tattoos done…… i can only imagine

  3. beta says:

    that takes balls.

  4. vnvet68 says:

    i always thought this gag was funny!

  5. Allison says:

    He has the all-seeing eyes…….

  6. Joebob Wayne Vanderbilt says:

    He should pull out all his eyelashes for maximum effect!

  7. SamIam says:

    are we sure this is a tattoo and not a joke? Not many people would seriously get eyes tattooed on their eyelids. I think this was made with markers.

  8. Tony ness says:

    Very nice!thinking bout doing it with blacklight ink lizard eyes how does it feel in comparison to other parts of your body?how does it heal, any complications?

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