Monkeys in your suitcase

Monkeys in your suitcase

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Sullivan says:

    that should make him sue them a lot

  2. Monkeyman says:

    That would be *monkies*. But it’s ok. We all make mistakes

  3. woodstock500 says:


  4. AmyN says:

    Lawls Monkeyman. Given your username, I would assume you would know the plural of monkey is indeed monkeys. It is an exception to the rule. Monkies is the verb as in, “He monkies around with the car engine.” I’m glad you just displayed your false cockiness for the whole Internet to see. Well done.

  5. woodstock500 says:

    Eh, not to take away from AmyN’s excellent put down but what about the Monkeys song with the line “We just love monkeying around”? It would look completely wrong spelled monkieing. I dunno the answer but it’s maybe worth a thought!

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